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Zen Desk Terrarium - Compassion (black)


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Breathe in softly and take a moment of serene contemplation. This tranquil 'Zen' terrarium is created in a glass dish that holds a small silver Buddha figurine, a single air plant, and large black agate pebbles. A natural engraved stone encourages you to put your energies in the direction of COMPASSION and let it be your overriding thought as you go through your day. Serene and inspiring, this beautiful terrarium is perfect for your desk, kitchen, or bedroom - wherever you want a source of inspiration...

  • Zen Buddha terrarium
  • Features a silver resin Buddha figurine and an Air plant
  • Held in a 'kidney' shaped glass dish
  • Also has an inspirational stone COMPASSION and large black agate pebbles
  • Buddha figurine is 2.5’’ high (approx 6.5cm) and 1.75’’ (4.5cm) wide
  • Glass dish is 7.5’’ x  5’’ (at the longest and widest places)’ 
  • Terrariums are nonreturnable

This terrarium is made from various components and requires minor 'assembly' upon receiving it. Please allow for variations in detail and overall appearance when assembled. 

Plant care: Upon receiving your air plant, unwrap it and soak it in a bowl of water for about 30 minutes. Allow to dry face down on a towel for about an hour, then place in terrarium. Keep your terrarium near bright, filtered light, but not in direct sunlight. Repeat the 'watering' process once a week, always allowing your air plant to dry completely before placing it back in the terrarium. If atmosphere indoors is particularly dry, feel free to occasionally mist the plant in addition to soaking once a week.