They say that we are all storytellers and seem to be best able to relate to our lives as a story.

So, as the teller of my story, Pranachic can be seen as the weaving together of so many threads of my life:

Yoga – discovered first at 10 with my grandmother on the living room carpet, then rediscovered at several significant times till for the last ten years it is a daily practice and a source of calm and grounding in my life.
Spirituality and personal growth – started by curiosity, fueled by loss and trauma and ultimately arriving at a place of greater understanding, empathy, responsibility – and I think, wisdom.  As I became aware of my subconscious beliefs and began to seek my own truths, I explored religion, psychology, archetypes and the tarot, astrology, numerology, crystal work, magic and manifestation. Arriving at the certain belief that intention is the most important in any thought or action.
Creative expression – I have painted all my life, been a writer, singer/songwriter, tie-dyer, casual photographer, and a jewelry maker in many forms for more than a decade. But now I am carried by a desire to create from a place of purpose and authenticity, things that can bring beauty, grace and spiritual resonance to my own life and the lives of those I can impact.













    These threads so far have intertwined to encourage me to create an ever-increasing range of malas and intention-based jewelry, ranges of mists to support intention work, meditation and yoga practice, a range of mists to enrich everyday life and a set of divination cards based on the sacred circle. And the threads are still weaving…

    Born in the US, I have lived in many places around the world and for more than thirty years have called Aotearoa, New Zealand home. The feminine creative energy of this country invigorates and enriches everything I do and the possibilities seem endless.

    I had a dream a decade ago that I had a place - a building, I think it was – but what I remember clearly is that it was almost blinding with its light. It was glowing the brightest, purest whitest color and my friends and family and like-minded people were coming together there and sharing their passions. I now think the space I was dreaming of has found its name: Pranachic.