How to Choose Your Mala

Pranachic malas have been handmade working with the energy of the semi-precious gemstones and beads used to support specific intentions and help you with your intention work.

They can be used with your mantra or meditation work, placed on your yoga mat when you practice, hung in a sacred place as a visual reminder and worn or carried with you as a talisman or inspiration.

How you choose your mala will depend how clear you are on the intention you want to work with.

Here are some thoughts on choosing your mala:

Follow Your Intention

If you know the intention you want to work with; if you have experienced difficulty or loss, if you want to dedicate more time to your spiritual path, if you want to generate more of a certain aspect or energy in your life… then find the intention in our menu of choices and decide which mala resonates with you. 

Find Your Intention

If you want to begin intention work, but are not certain about which intention you need to work with, take time to meditate on some questions. You can ask yourself:

“What would I like to create more of in my life?” (Love?  Abundance? Balance?)

“What blocks are preventing me from being all I want to be?” (Forgiveness? Communication?)

“What parts of myself do I want to explore?” (Creativity? Self Expression?)

“How do I help myself on my spiritual journey?” (Self-Discovery? Transformation? Clarity?)

The question that seems most personal to you and the answer that seems most pressing will guide you. Know that your Higher Self knows what is best for you now. Tune into your inner voice and the answer will come.

Follow Your Instincts

If the answers aren’t coming to you - or if you want to follow an intuitive process – then open yourself to the mala that you are most attracted to. It may be the color, a stone you love, the feeling you get from a piece. Go with that – then open yourself to the energy of the stones and the intention the mala. There was a reason for the attraction and it will probably be just what you are needing.

When You Know Your Intention and Have Your Mala

Go on to read and learn about the intention - there is information provided here and more will come when you receive your mala. This will help you to begin your intention work.

There are affirmations that come with each mala and some thoughts on how you can find your own mantra, should you choose. Make daily contact with your mala. Meditate with it, use it in your yoga practice. Wear it or  carry it with you. Place it in an important spot so your will see it and be reminded and inspired. 

Trust the process, Be open to the journey.

Enjoy this new relationship.

December 04, 2017 by Laurie Piggott
Tags: intention mala

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