Hard Tail® believes that real progress goes hand-in-hand with the empowerment of women everywhere.


Over twenty-five years ago, founders Dick and Patty Cantrell, had the idea to launch Hard Tail®; a pioneering lifestyle and active-wear line celebrating female athleticism.

At its core was a 'girls-can-do-anything' philosophy, inspired by the couple's three daughters. Their vision was not only to create an innovative brand rooted in the relaxed California lifestyle, but also one that would motivate young women to defy stereotypes, break barriers and achieve their dreams.

And today, Hard Tail® is that and more. They are synonymous with cutting-edge styling
that takes you effortlessly from the studio to the street; from the original 'rollover' flared pants, Hard Tail®'s range has expanded to include all types of leggings, tanks, tees, tops, dresses and outerwear. Using premium quality natural fabric blends and the best dyeing processes in the industry, Hard Tail is known for the luscious colours and intricate dye patterns that make the range truly special.  

With an unshakeable belief in keeping it hands-on, the range is still entirely handmade and hand-dyed in the USA - a statement of quality and a source of pride for the company. A Hard Tail® garment will stand up to regular wear - including  machine washing and tumble drying for years  - and still look fantastic.

Easy layering is the hallmark of the Hard Tail® ethos - with a vast range of pieces that let you effortlessly transition from pre to post-work out in style. You can literally live in Hard Tail® all day and all year long. What started as a small company working out of the Cantrell's Santa Monica home in 1991 has evolved into an internationally-renowned, family-owned and operated business, recognized as much for its reflection of the California esthetic as it is for its quality manufacturing and timeless classic designs.

A favorite of celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Nicole Kidman, Hilary Duff, Diane Keaton, Mena Suvari and Eva Longoria, Hard Tail® remains committed to dressing strong females everywhere for the life they want to live.

Look as Good as You Feel