Pranachic Aura Mists - Capturing a Summer Spirit in a mist

When most of us think of auras - we think of multi-colored cocoons of energy emanating from individuals that can only be seen by certain people and photographed by certain cameras. This type of aura is connected to our seven chakras and the energies that they emit.

There's another kind of aura that relates to the distinctive atmosphere generated by a person. It's not linked to chakras, but rather to personality and personal energy. It's this type of aura that was the inspiration for Pranachic Aura Mists – an endeavor to capture and translate into an 'auric' scent the personalities and qualities of the spirits of eternal summer…

Summer is the season of growth and expansion. It is the time when the earth’s axis leans more toward the sun; leading to longer days, more sunshine, warmer weather and seemingly endless possibilities. It is a time of positivity, optimism and confidence. Summer embodies archetypes and qualities that we all know and understand at a deep subconscious ‘soulful’ level. Freedom, romance, self-expression, playfulness, expansiveness and spiritual awareness - are all summer archetype personalities.

Pranachic Aura Mists were created to interpret into scent the auras of the female summer archetypes. Using all-natural essential oils and gentle floral waters, the Aura mists were blended to evoke the many moods of summer. Delicate florals, exotic spices, zesty citrus, mysterious woody notes…  Each inspired blend was given a name to depict the personality and three adjectives to describe the qualities of the ‘girl’ embodied in the archetype. And the Aura Mist range was born…

Boho Babe: savvy  confident  original
Firedancer: steamy  sexy  unleashed
Gypsy Queen: fiery  feminine  free
Hippie Chick: young  spirited  joyful
Mistral:  fresh  windswept  timeless
Nomad:  exotic  authentic  untamed
Seeker: lush  sensuous  mysterious
Sierra:  open  instinctive  individual
Starchild:  sweet  dreamy  delicate 
Surfer Girl:  raw  real  rebellious
Summer of Love:  girlie  groovy  uninhibited
Totem:  earthy  gutsy  grounded

We all know how powerful scent is at affecting our brains and creating our moods. We have explored how essential oils, with their small volatile molecules, are particularly good at passing the blood/brain barrier and quickly affecting our state of mind. One light spray from a Pranachic Aura mist will transport you emotionally to a specific summer energy and help you create your own personal aura of an eternal summer spirit…

Ask yourself what aura do you want today? Playful? Mystical? Romantic? Adventurous? Find your 'girl', choose your Aura Mist and lightly spray yourself and your auric space. Breathe in deeply – and go forth.

Not sure? Take the fun quiz below to see which of the summer archetypes you want to inspire you today... (The link takes you to a site hosted by Interact)


Tomorrow you might want a different energy - and a different aura. It's as easy as a spray away... Warm days of eternal summer...

Let's have fun!


November 14, 2018 by Laurie Piggott

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