The Story of Pranachic Yoga Mists

I developed Pranachic Yoga Mists firstly for purely personal reasons. I would arrive at yoga class each day and take some time to settle in to the mood and mindset I wished to be in. Traffic, parking, that last email or text would come in with me and it would take a few minutes to let go of those energies and be truly on my mat.

At  the time, I was working with essential oils and their properties to create a natural mat cleaner and I hit upon the idea of a spray that could assist in centering and grounding me for yoga class.

The mat cleaner was inspired by the one of the eight limbs of yoga – Saucha, or purity – and so with the eight limbs as my inspiration, I began work on a range of mists to support my yoga.

And Pranachic Yoga Mists were born.

Using only floral waters and natural essential oils, I began blending, taking into account  how the different essential oils affect the brain – the moods and emotional states they trigger.

The human sense of smell is estimated to be 10,000 times more acute than our other senses and sensitive to some 10,000 chemical compounds. Once registered, scent travels faster to the brain than either sight or sound. Our olfactory (smell) system directly connects to the emotional center in our brain (the amygdala) and to the limbic system which is connected to the parts of the brain controlling  memories, stress levels, hormone balance, breathing and blood pressure. This means that aromas have a direct effect on us physically and psychologically – and that scent is the best, if not the only way to directly affect our brain's emotional centers.

The takeaway from all of this is that we can influence our emotions, our moods, our energy levels, our breathing and our blood pressure – through scent. Science is finally 'explaining' what has been known intuitively knowledge for centuries – that the volatile molecules of essential oils easily cross the blood/brain barrier and have dramatic effects on limbic function and as a result, on how we feel

With Pranachic Yoga mists I have worked with the properties of specific essential oils  and blended them to create the emotional states and desired responses I needed - to calm, to invigorate, to uplift, to keep centered and grounded in our busy modern life.

I kept them at a low enough concentration that they can be sprayed directly onto your face and skin, without any irritation. They aren’t perfumes and won’t leave a lingering scent. They are mood enhancers, uplifters, generators. The mist you spray on your face – or that fragrant cloud you walk through - instantly changes your mood - it calms you, it centers you, it lifts your spirits - it helps you through your life - and your yoga every day.

I now have Pranachic Yoga mists in my yoga bag – to spritz my face when I go into class or my mat when I practice  at home. I have Santosha by my bed and mist the pillow before I go to sleep. I have Andana in the kitchen, Sattva in my office. I have them in the car, I take them when I travel.  And I 'mist' throughout the day whenever I ant to center myself or shift my energy.

I hope that you will enjoy using Pranachic Yoga mists as much as I do – and that they help you navigate your days a bit more fragrantly - elegantly.



August 31, 2017 by Laurie Piggott

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