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Yin Yang Selenite Tealight holders


Serene beauty with carved Yin Yang Tealight holders

Make a me beautiful statement with Yin Yang Tealight holders carved from natural Selenite. Weighty and natural they turn any space into a serene meditative oasis.

The Yin / Yang: Is the Tao concept that two halves together complete wholeness. The word Yin means “shady side”, encompassing passivity, femininity, dark and night. Yang means “sunny side” and encompasses activity, positivity, masculinity, day and light. In human terms that translates to dark being passive, intuitive, creative, cool and light being hot, active, logical and expanding. Balancing these energies is  key to bringing the duality of Yin/Yang to form the whole and thus creating harmony and balance in the Universe and reminding us of the need for balance and harmony in our world, our lives, ourselves.

Size: Each light measures: 10cmL x 6cmW (at widest point) x 3.5cmD

Material : Orange Selenite & White Selenite

Note: The tealight holders are shown wrapped in plastic for protection, which is how they come.
Selenite is a crystalline variety of the mineral gypsum. Selenite, satin spar, desert rose, and gypsum flower are the four varieties of the mineral gypsum; all four varieties show obvious crystalline structure. The four "crystalline" varieties of gypsum are sometimes grouped together and called selenite. It can come in: White, Grey, Green, Orange and Brown.  

Selenite is widely believed to be a powerful protection stone, creating a soft peaceful environment and unblocking mental clarity. It assists in expanding ones awareness of the self, opens the crown chakra and allows access to higher guidance.  


NOTE: Selenite is a very soft mineral which can be easily scratched with a fingernail and needs to be looked after very carefully.  DO NOT soak Selenite. If placed in water, it will revert to gypsum.