LA HABANA Reed Diffuser


LA HABANA Reed Diffuser is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

Bring atmosphere to any room with our La Habana reed diffuser...

Set up this diffuser and let the aromas of bergamot, tobacco leaf and leather transport you to the sultry beauty of old Havana. Close your eyes and find yourself in a hazy jazz club sipping a daiquiri as you let the spicy, warm fragrance of La Habana envelop you and fill the room.

Key fragrance notes: bergamot, tobacco leaf & leather

The elegant black glass jar makes it the perfect gift for someone special or a luxurious addition to your home. Transform any space with this beautiful fragrance. 

Introducing the Pranachic Wanderer Collection:

Wander the globe and experience the exotic aromas and enticing scents of some of the world’s most beautiful destinations with the Pranachic Wanderer Collection of candles and diffusers.

Place a diffuser in your space and find yourself in a jazz club in La Habana, on a houseboat in Kashmir, in a spice market in Marrakesh, under the cherry blossoms in Kyoto, or on a hillside in Tuscany ...  

Each scent is unique, layered and evocative. Each aroma is filled with the sensual delights of flowers, fruits, herbs and woods.

Every diffuser is handmade with quality fragrance oils blended together like fine perfume to give the richness and complexity of top, middle and base notes. 

The elegant black jar makes them the perfect gift for someone special or a luxurious addition to your home environment.

Wander the globe and enjoy the whole range :

La HABANA - bergamot , tobacco leaf & leather

MARRAKESH - rose petals, cinnamon bark & cedarwood

GIVERNY - french pear, waterlily, & tonka bean

KASHMIR - cardamom, white rose & saffron

SAVANNAH - magnolia, pink peony & oakmoss

VALENCIA - wild orange, black cocoa & vintage suede

CHELSEA - tuberose, lilac & hyacinth

TUSCANY - lemon, basil & mediterranean cypress

MADAGASCAR - vanilla bean, white gardenia & sandalwood

SOFIA - white musk, peach nectar & bulgarian rose

SHANGHAI - ginger flower, mandarin & white sandalwood

KYOTO - green tea, hinoki cypress & cherry blossom

BALI - lotus flower, frangipani & bamboo

PROVENCE - lavender, black jasmine & truffle

  • Jar Measurements: 67mm tall (jar), 87mm tall (inc collar)
  • Weight: 150ml
  • Ingredients: Diffuser base, Fragrance oils, Reed sticks
  • Unplug the glass jar 
  • Insert the reed sticks into the jar to absorb the oils
  • Flip the sticks so that the 'dry side' is now in the jar and the saturated side in the air
  • Let the reed diffuser scent your space
  • For best results, turn your reeds every week or so to maintain optimal scent throw
  • CAUTION: The diffuser base is a solvent and so should be handled with care
    • Keep away from fire and out of reach of children & pets
    • For external use only - do not swallow
    • Avoid handling if pregnant
    • Be cautious of reed diffuser oil spilling or leaking on furniture, paintwork and varnished surfaces - as contact could ruin certain finishes