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Change - can be absolutely exhilarating when we’ve initiated the process – but when change is thrust upon us unexpectedly and uninvited, it can be frightening - even when we know the change is potentially necessary and ultimately beneficial. Acknowledging the emotional impact is the starting point.  Be afraid, accept your vulnerability, ask for help - then open yourself to the personal and spiritual growth your higher self has presented you with. Know that change is an integral and vital part of life. Embracing it and allowing yourself to transform with it is the magical challenge it presents. You will never be the same again - and that is a wonderful thing. 

This TRUE ACCEPTANCE Botswana Agate Mala can help support your intention to manifest positive change at this time in your life.  Work with it to deepen your meditation and yoga practices. 

"All great changes are preceded by chaos." - Deepak Chopra

This TRUE ACCEPTANCE Change Mala has 108 Botswana Agate faceted gemstone beads (6mm). It has been hand knotted in a Tibetan pattern on silk cord with one knot between each gemstone. It has White Jade Marker beads and a Taupe Banded Agate guru bead. It has finished with a shades of taupe handmade tassel.  

Gemstones: Botswana Agate, White Jade

Guru: Banded Agate

Bead size: 6mm

Tied pattern: Tibetan Mala


        • Mala garland: 31" (78.5cm)
        • Guru & Tassel: 4.5" (11.5cm)
        • Length top to tassel end: 19.5" (49.5cm)


Botswana Agate is called the “Stone of Change”, Botswana Agate is an incredible stone mainly used as a protection against evil things, the reduction of anxiety and depression – and the ability to handle change in a positive way. This protective and comforting stone soothes those who are lonely, hurt, grieving and broken. It is said to gently help one make transitions of any kind in a way that the change is not as difficult or painful as could be without it. Carrying a bit of Botswana Agate in your pocket is said to help one cope easily with the minor changes that life throws at us daily.

White Jade is used to direct one’s energy and assist in concentration, by filtering out unwanted distractions and allowing one to ascertain what the highest outcome for a given situation will be. It is a stone that can help you attain your goals and dreams, allowing you to see past self-imposed limitations and manifest your dreams into the physical world 

Note:  Our jewelry and mist products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailment or disease. Any results are the sole responsibility of the user.

You can rest assured that you will be purchasing the mala you see here. We believe that each mala is a precious talisman and a unique piece of beauty. As such, every mala is handcrafted for its intended purpose and photographed for the site.

Every Pranachic mala comes with support for your intention work, including:

  • Thoughts on the intention you are working with
  • Affirmations and mantras you can use in your work
  • Information on the crystals used to create your mala

This will come physically or electronically to you (depending on your location).

Your mala will come in a pouch with a protective tassel guard ready to begin its relationship with you.