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Tender Longing Yoga Silk Wrap


A Yoga Silk Wrap bracelet is a beautiful gentle reminders of your mindfulness and intention.

Exquisite hand-dyed 100% silk ribbons embellished with inspirational charms that you can wear as a bracelet, necklace or anklet. They are easy to tie and wear throughout the day - during your yoga practice, meditation - and every moment in between. You only need to remove them when you shower or swim.

Wear your Yoga Silk Wrap to increase your mindfulness - making you more aware and present and strengthening the commitment you have made to your intention work -  and to gaining a better understanding of yourself and the Universe.

This Tender Longing Yoga Silk Wrap  is made with a dusky gray to soft pink silk ribbon that has been embellished with a silvertone tube shaped charm carrier holding Hamsa, Lotus and Namaste charms.  

Charms: Hamsa, Lotus, Namaste

Charm carrier: Silver tone tube

Silk Ribbon: Dusky Gray to Soft Pink. 


Hamsa: (or Khamsa, also known as the Hand of Fatima) depicts an open right hand with its fingers pointing down. It has its origins as an amulet or talisman,  protecting one by deflecting the evil eye. Today it remains a symbol of protection - but also of blessings, power and strength.

Lotus: Just as the exquisite lotus grows from the muddy pond, wearing the lotus symbolizes that our spiritual beauty can blossom amidst our sometimes 'muddy' everyday lives. The blooming lotus symbolizes your spiritual  path and the purification of mind, body and speech. It also symbolizes beauty, life, and new beginnings.

Namaste : Is the Hindu salutation that translates to: "I bow to the divine in you", reminding us that the divine exists in each of us and we are connected by it. The gesture of head bowed and palms together that accompanies the salutation demonstrates that center of the divine is the Heart Chakra. Namaste sends a message of peaceful spirituality to the Universe with the knowledge of receiving a positive message back. 

Pink: is one of the colors associated with the Heart Chakra - the center of love, compassion, harmony and peace. The transition from gray to pink reminds us that love can emerge from difficulty, sadness or indifference.