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Spiritual Growth Collection - TRUE LIGHT Mala, Pratinu Spiritual Growth Mala Bracelet and Spiritual Growth Intention Mist


The Pranachic Spiritual Growth Collection gives you all the tools and support you need to work on your intention of attaining greater self wisdom through spiritual growth.

It consists of:

-The TRUE LIGHT Spiritual Growth Mala (7mm) -The Pratinu Spiritual Growth Mala bracelet - Pranachic Spiritual Growth Intention Mist $190 ( Value $200)  

The TRUE LIGHT Spiritual Growth Mala has 108 Amethyst gemstone beads (7mm) tied in a traditional Tibetan pattern. It has been hand knotted on silk cord with one knot between each gemstone. It has Rose Quartz marker beads and an Amethyst guru bead and a purple handmade tassel.  Overall length top to tassel end: 19" (48.5cm).

The Pratinu Spiritual Growth Mala bracelet has been handknotted with two lengths of strong nylon cord with a knot between each Amethyst gemstone beads. It has a pale purple handmade tassel that has been embellished with Lotus charms.  

Pranachic Spiritual Growth Intention Mist has been created to help support your intention to continue  your process of spiritual growth This beautifully scented mist has been created by combining delicate Geranium floral water with a blend of natural essential oils including Spikenard Rosewood, Frankincense, Lavender, Cedarwood,  and Sandalwood. Spiritual Growth Intention Mist will help in setting your mind and spirit to create the vibration of spirituality. Use it to mist your mala before you work with it or wear it. Size: 30ml

Spiritual Growth is a process of inner awakening, of looking inside you, shedding your illusions and uncovering your true essence, your inner being - which is always present. It is easy to think that you need to look outside yourself for answers - to a practice, a belief system, to a guru... but the truth and essence of you is in you.This knowledge and understanding of your spirit and your connection to the Universe is hidden beneath thoughts, desires, feelings and habits. Spiritual growth is the process of removing everything that hinders your access to your true essence - and letting the light of your inner self shine.

This Spiritual Growth Collection can help support your intention of gaining greater self wisdom and understanding along your journey of spiritual growth. Work with it to deepen your meditation and yoga practices. 

 "Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak". - Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Amethyst assists in increasing your psychic abilities and enhancing your intuition. Amethyst is an excellent stone for meditation and for opening the third eye. It increases your ability to open yourself to new ideas and help open the channels to your higher self, making it an ideal stone for those seeking spiritual growth. 

Rose Quartz balances the emotions and heals emotional wounds, bringing peace and calm. Its loving nurturing energy takes away fears, resentment and anger and gently replaces them with a feeling of higher self-esteem and confidence. 

Lotus: Just as the exquisite lotus grows from the muddy pond, wearing the lotus symbolizes that our spiritual beauty can blossom amidst our sometimes 'muddy' everyday lives. The blooming lotus symbolizes your spiritual  path and the purification of mind, body and speech. It also symbolizes beauty, life, and new beginnings.

Key Essential Oils

Spikenard Rosewood, Frankincense, Lavender, Cedarwood,  and Sandalwood

Note:  Our jewelry and mist products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailment or disease. Any results are the sole responsibility of the user.

You can rest assured that you will be purchasing the mala you see here. We believe that each mala is a precious talisman and a unique piece of beauty. As such, every mala is handcrafted for its intended purpose and photographed for the site.

Every Pranachic mala comes with support for your intention work, including:

  • Thoughts on the intention you are working with
  • Affirmations and mantras you can use in your work
  • Information on the crystals used to create your mala

This will come physically or electronically to you (depending on your location).

Your mala will come in a pouch with a protective tassel guard ready to begin its relationship with you.