Sacred Blood Amulet


Carry the power and protection of this Sacred Blood Amulet.

This Sacred Blood Amulet has a hand cast protective amulet pendant of the seated Buddha strung on a mala garland made of 6mm Bloodstone gemstone beads hand-knotted on a silk cord with a knot between each bead. 

This amulet has been tied in a traditional 108 pattern - with 108 Bloodstone counting beads with a Moss Agate Bead at the halfway point. 

Choose the amulet that speaks to you. Know that it is meant to protect you spiritually and emotionally and attract positive energy to you. And that it comes to you through the hands of those who have made it with love and respect.

Amulet: Seated Buddha in an oval shape made of base metal edged in brass

Stone: Bloodstone with Moss Agate at the halfway point

Full Length:  (hanging; top to bottom): 16.25" (41.5cm).  Amulet pendant size: 1" (2.5cm)   


These protective amulets have been hand sourced from the amulet markets of Thailand. They are handmade in the villages outside Bangkok by Buddhist monks and Buddhist families who have been making these amulets in the traditional manner for generations. They are cast or stamped from base metals and some are cased in frames of thin brass strips. Some amulets are struck to commemorate a specific event at a temple and some represent famous images of Buddha found in the temples of Thailand. 

After choosing an amulet, a person will traditionally go to the local temple and ask a monk to bless it and imbue it with special powers. It will then be worn on a necklace or belt, or kept on an altar at home.



Bloodstone gets its name and reputation as a powerful healing crystal in the Middle Ages when it was linked to the crucifixion of Christ. The belief was that the blood from Christ's wounds dripped onto the dark green earth as was turned to stone. This gave Bloodstone its name and the long-held belief that it possesses sacred power, especially for healing wounds.It stimulates the Root chakra - which is the energy center that provides you with a sense of security and safety on this earth. Bloodstone works to rebuild a lost and broken spirit - helping you to face needed transformation with a sense of resilience and vigor and transmuting depression and fatigue into joy and vitality. It is the protective talisman that gives you strength and courage to brave any storm.


You can rest assured that you will be purchasing the amulet you see here. We believe that each amulet is a precious talisman and a unique piece of beauty. As such, every amulet is handcrafted and photographed for presenting on the site.


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