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Protection Collection - TRUE ARMOR Mala, Pratinu Sacred Protection Mala Bracelet and Protection Intention Mist


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The Pranachic Protection Collection gives you all the tools and support you need to work on your intention of gaining a sense of protection  in  your life.

It consists of:

- The TRUE ARMOR Protection Mala (8mm) - The Pratinu Sacred Protection Mala bracelet - Pranachic Protection Intention Mist $205 (Value $215)  

The TRUE ARMOR Protection Mala  has been hand knotted on silk cord in a traditional Tibetan pattern with one knot between each 8mm Ocean Jasper gemstone bead. It has Green Jasper marker beads and guru bead and is finished with a brown, green and gold handmade tassel.  Overall length top to tassel end: 23" (58cm).

The Pratinu Sacred Protection Mala bracelet has been handknotted with two lengths of strong nylon cord with a knot between each 8mm Ocean  Jasper gemstone bead. It has a gold handmade tassel that has been embellished with Om and Tree of Life charms. 

Pranachic Protection Intention Mist has been created to help support your intention to gain a sense of protection in the face of life's challenges. This beautifully scented mist has been created by combining delicate Rose floral water with a blend of natural essential oils including Pine, Basil, Vetiver and Rose Geranium. Protection Intention Mist will help clear\ your environment of negative energy and assist in setting your mind and spirit to create the vibration of protection. Use it to mist your mala before you work with it or wear it. Size: 30ml

Protection - A sense of safety and protection starts with a belief in your ability to take care of yourself – the less you believe - the more harmful the world becomes. Being grounded in yourself leads to a feeling of safety. When you feel balanced, nothing has the power to change your world. Meditation can help you slow down, stay centered and present-focused – allowing you to see that right here, right now – you are safe. Connecting to the divine in you also reminds you that you are part of something bigger and protected by forces that are always with you.

This Protection Collection can help support your intention for gaining a greater sense of security and self reliance. Work with it to deepen your meditation and yoga practices. 

“In ourselves our safety must be sought. By our own right hand it must be wrought.” - William Wordsworth

Ocean Jasper is a very protective stone, and the orbs  or "eyes" found in the stone are considered to enhance this protective quality, especially in regard to what is called the ‘evil eye’ – making it one of the most protective stones. 

Green Jasper is a stone of balance. As a heart chakra stone, it brings tranquility and a sense of wholeness. Jaspers of all types are protective stones, balancing yin and yang energies and imparting gentle relaxed energies. For this reason they are called  ‘nurturing stones’.

Tree of Life: is a symbol of life itself; the branches reach for the Heavens of "Father Sky", the deeply buried roots anchor to "Mother Earth" and in between the trunk provides the strength and foundation. It symbolizes our physical existence and our reaching for spiritual existence. Wearing it reminds us of key aspects of life: love, wisdom, rebirth, strength, redemption, friendship, bounty and encouragement.

Om: The Om 'symbol' is the Sanskrit letters for the sacred sound Ahm. Om is believed by the Hindu religion to be the sound of creation and life - the vibration of the Universe. It symbolizes the infinite and the shapes that compose it symbolize the states of human consciousness. Wearing an Om is said to bring harmony, peace and eternal bliss.

Key Essential Oils

Pine, Basil, Vetiver and Rose Geranium

Note:  Our jewelry and mist products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailment or disease. Any results are the sole responsibility of the user.

You can rest assured that you will be purchasing the mala you see here. We believe that each mala is a precious talisman and a unique piece of beauty. As such, every mala is handcrafted for its intended purpose and photographed for the site.

Every Pranachic mala comes with support for your intention work, including:

  • Thoughts on the intention you are working with
  • Affirmations and mantras you can use in your work
  • Information on the crystals used to create your mala

This will come physically or electronically to you (depending on your location).

Your mala will come in a pouch with a protective tassel guard ready to begin its relationship with you.