Oriental Gift Duo


Bring the exotic atmosphere of the Old Orient anywhere with Kyoto and Shanghai travel candles - presented in a beautiful black velvet gift pouch...

Surround yourself in the fragrant aromas:

Kyoto takes the dreamy scents of green tea, hinoki cypress & cherry blossom to transport you to the cherry tree lined streets of Kyoto with the air filled with floating pink blossoms.

Shanghai the aromas of ginger flower, mandarin & white sandalwood to transport you to the exotic markets of Nanshi, in Old Shanghai. 

Treat yourself to a little luxury or give the perfect gift to someone special

Kyoto Key fragrance notes: green tea, hinoki cypress & cherry blossom

Shanghai Key fragrance notes: ginger flower, mandarin & white sandalwood

Introducing the Pranachic Wanderer Collection:

Wander the globe and experience the exotic aromas and enticing scents of some of the world’s most beautiful destinations with the Pranachic Wanderer Collection of candles.

Light a candle and find yourself in a jazz club in La Habana, on a houseboat in Kashmir, in a spice market in Marrakesh, under the cherry blossoms in Kyoto, or on a hillside in Tuscany ...  

Each scent is unique, layered and evocative. Each aroma is filled with the sensual delights of flowers, fruits, herbs and woods.

Every candle is handmade with 100% natural soy wax blend and quality fragrance oils blended together like fine perfume to give the richness and complexity of top, middle and base notes. 

Each candle is hand blended and hand poured into beautiful timeless containers making them the perfect gift for someone special or a luxurious addition to your home environment.

Wander the globe and enjoy the whole range :

La HABANA - bergamot , tobacco leaf & leather

MARRAKESH - rose petals, cinnamon bark & cedarwood

GIVERNY - french pear, waterlily, & tonka bean

KASHMIR - cardamom, white rose & saffron

SAVANNAH - magnolia, pink peony & oakmoss

VALENCIA - wild orange, black cocoa & vintage suede

CHELSEA - tuberose, lilac & hyacinth

TUSCANY - lemon, basil & mediterranean cypress

MADAGASCAR - vanilla bean, white gardenia & sandalwood

SOFIA - white musk, peach nectar & bulgarian rose

TAHOE - black spruce, juniper berry & fir balsam

SHANGHAI - ginger flower, mandarin & white sandalwood

KYOTO - green tea, hinoki cypress & cherry blossom

BALI - lotus flower, frangipani & bamboo

PROVENCE - lavender, black jasmine & truffle

SANTORINI - mediterranean fig, lemon blossom & bay laurel

  • Each small travel candle:
    • Measurements: 32mm tall, 50mm diameter
    • Weight: 30 gm
    • Approx Burn Time: 10 hours
    • Ingredients: Natural Sox Wax blend, Fragrance oils, Cotton wick
    • Pouch measurements: 10 x 11.5cm
      • Place on a heat resistant surface for burning
      • Trim wick to 6mm (1/4") before lighting
      • Never burn for more than four hours at a time
      • Stop burning and discontinue use when 15mm (1/2”) of wax remains
      • For best results, cover when not in use and use candle within six months