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Grounding Mist


Pranachic Grounding Intention Mist has been created to help support your intention to encourage you to feel calm, grounded and anchored. 

This beautifully scented mist has been created by combining delicate Bergamot floral water with a blend of natural essential oils including Spruce, Pine, Ylang ylang, Cedarwood, Juniper and Sandalwood. Grounding Intention Mist will help in setting your mind and spirit to create the vibration of grounding. 

Directions: Shake lightly and mist Grounding Intention Mist whenever you want to focus your mind and energies on creating a sense of presence, grounding and centering in your life. Spritz it on your face, your hair, skin - and in your environment. Use it during your meditation and yoga practices to deepen your work. Use it to mist your mala before you work with it or wear it. 

Anytime you want to be reminded of your intention - or create the vibration of grounding - Just mist

Grounding - In today’s fast paced world we are expected to be all, do all, meeting the demands of the non-stop responsibilities that seem to run our lives. Even leisure time is increasingly dominated by our electronic devices that crowd our minds with stimulation, information, agitation… So it is no surprise that too often we feel unbalanced – and ungrounded… Being grounded is the ability to maintain balance, stability, and presence of mind, no matter what is happening around you. we achieve this by learning to tap into the earth’s grounding energy.  Your connection to the earth is cultivated through your root chakra, the first energy center. Like a tree that puts down roots, you need to learn to connect to the earth’s grounding energy. Through meditation, yoga and getting into nature you can learn to be truly present in your body – and to calm and center your mind.

“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.” - J.R. Rim

Key Essential Oils:  Spruce, Pine, Ylang ylang, Cedarwood, Juniper and Sandalwood

All Pranachic Intention Mists are:

  • Easily Portable
  • Non Aerosol
  • Handmade with All Natural Essential Oils and
    • No Synthetic Fragrances or Colors
    • No Preservatives
  • Paraben Free
  • For external use only
  • Size: 30ml

Directions: Shake lightly and mist Grounding Intention Mist whenever you want to work with your intention of allowing the changes happening in your life to be positive. Spray the air around you; mist your hair and skin, spritz your furnishings, linens, car and environment to create a calm grounded atmosphere and leave a light scent. Use Grounding Mist during your meditation and yoga practices to deepen your work. Use it to mist your mala before you work with it or wear it. 

Note:  Our jewelry and mist products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailment or disease. Any results are the sole responsibility of the user.