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Clear Goddess Necklace


Awaken your inner goddess with this Clear Goddess necklace.

The Clear Goddess Necklace is made with 6mm Clear Crystal gemstone beads hand knotted on a silk cord with a knot between each bead. It features a carved Clear Crystal pendant of a serene goddess face.

Stones: Clear Crystal

Full Length:  (hanging; top to bottom): 16.5" (42cm).

Note: Amethyst and Calcite stones used to display the necklace are not included

Clear Quartz is a very high vibrational stone – and the clearer the stone – the stronger the vibration. It is called the master healer - and master amplifier, as it amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into it and accelerates the fulfillment of prayers and intentions. It draws off negative energy and balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes.

Full Length:  (hanging; top to bottom): 16.5" (42cm).  Pendant size: 2" (5cm) 

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