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Blissful Blossom


Festival Malas  are tied in traditional mala patterns and designed to be more 'robust' so you can wear them everyday to suit your style. 

They are made with two strands of strong nylon thread with one-two knots between each bead (depending on hole size) and finished with a nylon thread tassel.

Layer them, wrap them, wear them - enjoy them

Here's to an Endless Summer!

This beautiful Blissful Blossom Festival Mala has 6mm golden and mid brown wooden beads. It has been tied in a Tibetan pattern with cube shaped dark wooden beads every 27 beads and is finished with a durable plum colored handmade tassel.  

Beads: Natural Wood

Bead size: 6mm

Stringing pattern : Tibetan

Length (top to tassel end) : 19" (48cm)