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Ametrine Key Ring


Carry good energy with you with a Pranachic key ring

Beautiful semi-precious gemstones embellished with tassels and charms.

This key ring is made with a radiant Ametrine gemstone adorned with a sterling silver Swarovski amethyst crystal charm, a peace charm and a detachable handmade 'shades of purple' colored tassel 

Ametrine is a stone of Spiritual Clarity - a carrier of energy balance and a source of psychic connection

Size:      Stone: 1.25" (3.25cm) Overall length (ring to end of stone): 4" (10cm)


Ametrine powerfully combines the properties of Amethyst and Citrine. Its is a stone that enhances mental and spiritual clarity, opening the Third Eye and connecting the physical realm with the higher consciousness. It promotes spiritual awareness and divination. Ametrine also calms the mind and soothes emotions, aiding in focus during meditation. It also stimulates creativity - taking thinking beyond the everyday to higher awareness.  And it assists in balancing inward and outward energy flows, harmonizing perception and action.  

Peace: Through history, many symbols have represented peace, but since the late 50s 'the peace sign' has been the most recognized and used. Created as a call for nuclear disarmament, it now symbolizes an anti war belief and a desire for peaceful co-existence.

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