Pranachic Malas

Laurie makes beautiful gemstone malas and exotic natural oil Yoga and Aura mists and mat sprays. Her creative spirit is supported by a deep knowledge of her subject. She understands the nature of crystals and she has a good eye for colour, so each mala is unique and crafted with care.

Eira, Senior Yoga Instructor


Laurie carefully selects the beads for their unique properties and each mala is lovingly crafted to produce an item of jewellery which you will treasure for a lifetime. I keep mine next to my bed and use it morning and night as part of my gratitude practice. I also wear it on special occasions to invite miracles.

Kathleen, Yoga Studio Owner and Instructor


I love my mala, the colours show Laurie's exquisite taste It is always with me on my yoga mat.

Victoria, Yoga and Pilates Student


I just really love Laurie’s malas' - I am so attracted to them all - it was very difficult deciding which one to have, but the rose quartz mala, which Laurie made especially for me, is so pretty and I love it! - She is so talented and a really kind soul which reflects in all her products she makes.

Susie, Yoga Studio Owner and Senior Yoga Instructor


The mala necklace made by Laurie is beautifully presented and when I wear them, I can sense all the positive healing energy from the beads. Laurie puts a lot of thoughts into making these, and each necklace is designed for a specific intention.

Daphne, Yoga Student


I am so thankful for the beautiful, extra special, custom made malas and bracelets.  Laurie’s personal touch and attention to detail is amazing and much appreciated.  It is great to know their meaning and I really also enjoy wearing the malas as necklaces off my mat.

Jane, Yoga Instructor


I just love the mala beads that Laurie made especially for me - they were made with love and I wear them with love and pride.  

Juliet, Yoga Studio Owner and Senior Instructor



Pranachic Mists

Laurie’s range of aromatic Pranachic Yoga mists are beautifully packaged and make an ideal gift for your yoga friends or anyone who deserves treat. I use my ‘Prana’ mist on a daily basis to lift my energy and boost my mood.

Kathleen, Yoga Studio Owner and Instructor

I was given a Pranachic Yoga mist ‘Sattya’ which means ‘balance’  from Pranachic - it is just gorgeous!! I spray it usually all around my yoga studio before the students come into class and it really lifts the energy.

Susie, Yoga Studio Owner and Senior Yoga Instructor


The Santosha spray Pranachic Yoga mist I use in the yoga studio most days - the fresh, uplifting and subtle fragrance is often commented on by students who really like it.

Juliet, Yoga Studio Owner and Senior Instructor


I've recently started using Laurie's Pranachic Yoga mist sprays and love them. I've got a range and I keep them all over the place using them not only for a Yoga but also in my busy daily life.

Ngaire, Yoga Student


I love the Pranachic Aura Mist sprays that Laurie has  crafted. I love using the Totem Aura Mist that gives me an instant feeling of  refreshment.  Her range of aromas are diverse and there is something for everyone.

Jeni, counselor and yoga student