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Blissful Blossom


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Festival Malas  are for wearing everyday - to celebrate the joy of life and carry your energy and spirituality into all you do. 

They are tied in traditional mala patterns and designed to be more 'robust' - with two strands of strong nylon thread with one-two knots between each bead (depending on hole size) and finished with a nylon thread tassel.

Layer them, wrap them, wear them - enjoy them

Here's to an Endless Summer!

This beautiful Blissful Blossom Festival Mala has 6mm golden and mid brown wooden beads. It has been tied in a Tibetan pattern with cube shaped dark wooden beads every 27 beads and is finished with a durable plum colored handmade tassel.  

Beads: Natural Wood

Bead size: 6mm

Stringing pattern : Tibetan

Length (top to tassel end) : 19" (48cm)