Gaiam Atheletic Dura Block 50XD


Athletic Durablock 50XD Black - the sturdiest foam block

Your practice can’t be strong when you’re working with a wobbly base. Set yourself up for success with our sturdiest block to date. Constructed with blockDD (Dura-Dense) Technology, this yoga block is 50% denser than standard blocks. Ideal for vigorous repeated use and larger athletic bodies.

    Measurements: 14 cmW x 23 cmL x 7.6 cmD (6"x9"x4")

    Weight: 700g

    Colour: Black


    • Extra dense - 50% denser than standard blocks
    • Gives you stability to hold postures longer
    • Helps extend, support and deepen stretches
    • Ensure proper alignment during poses
    • Large enough to sit on comfortably for meditation practices

    Materials: Sturdy Dura-Dense foam & latex free

    Care Instructions: Spot clean with mild detergent. Towel or air dry