Zafu Meditation Cushion


This is a lovely woven 40cm cushion ideal for meditation, yoga, taking tea, or just sitting.

Zafu is the Japanese word for the round flat cushion used for Zen meditation. Zafu translates to English as 'sewn seat' - and  this attractive cushion is lightweight and easy to use. Made of natural straw and filled with foam, it is eco-friendly and durable. 

Material : Natural Woven Straw
Shape : Round
Features : Durable, Lightweight, Easy to Use, Eco-Friendly
Diameter : 40cm/15.75" (Approx.)*
Thickness : 6cm/2.36" (Approx.)

* Please note: As this is a handmade item from natural materials, size and color will vary slightly

Clean with dry cloth and attempt to keep the cushion dry at all times - as it is made from natural materials. In the case that it gets wet, wipe dry immediately and put it in airy warm place to allow to fully dry naturally.