Why do we use crystals in malas?

Semiprecious gemstones and crystals are becoming more and more popular as mala components. Apart from their natural beauty - why are we using them more and more in malas?

The answer lies in the 'energies' generated by the amazing structure of crystals.

Crystals are special because they possess a regular, repetitive internal structure. They have an orderliness of structure at the most minute molecular level.

This means that they VIBRATE at the same rate – both within a single crystal and across crystals of the same type. This synchronization of motion – this vibrating in unison is called harmonic convergence

It means each crystal type has its own fundamental frequency which translates as an energy field that can interact with any other energy field near it – including us.

At the most basic level, everything is energy. Everything is in motion and everything is vibrating energy. The human body is no exception.

Our bodies are a conductive energy system with crystalline structures in and around the blood, lymph and cells, which are repaired and maintained by a complex electrochemical system. In other words, we run on vibrations – and can be influenced by vibrations.

That is the thinking behind crystal work: that we can 'tap into' and use the specific vibrations and unique vibrational energies of different crystals for specific intention and energy work.

There is fairly universal agreement as to the different way each different crystal influences us. Use the reference guide to the energetic properties of crystals to help you choose which crystals that you need right now - and let them guide you to your ideal mala or bracelet.


Let the power of crystals help you on your spiritual journey.

May 31, 2018 by Laurie Piggott

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