Gaiam Athletic Power mat 5mm


Gaiam's Athletic Power mat is designed for the professional sports athlete incorporating intense fitness floor exercises, vigorous pilates and dynamic, strength-based yoga into their fitness regime. Your mat should be able to keep up with you. Gaiam has designed this Athletic Yoga Mat to  be wider and longer than traditional mats. This means more space and stability for those difficult extended poses. The Athletic Power mat utilizes Dura-Dense Technology for firmer support, cushioning and long-wearing toughness. Dual surfaces - sticky and textured - increase versatility. The heavy duty / extra-sticky 5mm surface will support you through even the most challenging of classes. 

Measurements: 26” wide x 78” long x 5mm

Thickness: 5mm

Colour: Dark Gray


  • MatDD (Dura-Dense) Technology offers firm support, cushioning and long-wearing performance.
  • 2" (5cm) wider and 10" (25cm) longer than standard mats
  • Ideal for Taller or Heavier Yogis
  • Ideal for home, studio, or gym use
  • Ideal for intermediate to advanced level yogis and intense fitness floor exercises, pilates and strength-based yoga practises
  • Reversible, black or gray
  • No slip surface for any pose or practice (one side sticky / one side textured)
  • Made from long wearing PVC
  • 6P and latex free
  • Three Full Length Complementary Online Practises Provided
  • Quality Guarantee for Peace of Mind
  • Note: This mat is heavier than standard mats

Materials: PVC. Latex Free. 6P Free: Free of DEHP, DBO, BBO, DINP, DIDP, AND DNOP phthalates

Care Instructions: Yoga mats release a very strong but harmless odor when first unwrapped. Please unroll and air out your mat for 2-3 days before use. Spot clean with Pranachic Mat Cleaner and a damp cloth. Air dry flat. The mat may fade and become brittle and unusable if exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. We recommend storing your mat in a mat bag when not in use.